Traditional Indian men’s clothing

by Mohit Tuteja

When it comes to traditional wear, not many people experiments.because sometimes they go wrong. So, today I am going to tell you about simple yet fashionable Indian wear which you can wear at weddings, parties and other occasions and you can totally pull it off that outfit. Traditional clothes always look best. And there are many best ethnic Indian wears for men‘s in the market which makes you confused sometimes, that what to buy and what not to and also they are confused what to wear on weddings?. This happens with most Indian guys because they don’t want to go wrong with their fashion style and also they have less knowledge of fashion and style so, here I am giving you simple traditional wear which you can buy and wear on weddings and parties and of course you will not regret buying these outfits. These outfits are always in trend and are the best traditional dress for men. One can look best while carrying these, let’s just start with-

Nehru jacket

best nehru jacket for men-mtstyles4menThis is one of the most beautiful Indian traditional jackets. The awesome thing about Nehru jacket is that it is suitable on a plain simple outfit, by giving it a polished finish. In my opinion, subtle monochrome colors look more beautiful and classy than bold and shiny patterns. Nehru jacket is always in trend. And the best part is, you can wear it on weddings, parties and every other occasion.just you need to concern about the color and pattern, which depends on the occasion.


best sherwani for men-mtstyles4menSherwani’s are always most classy Indian traditional outfit, worn by maximum Indian men’s at wedding and parties. You can buy a sherwani with heavy embroidery on grand occasions but do not go with too much gaudy colors and can also opt simple sherwanis for small functions and parties. As I told, Sherwani’s are most famous traditional wear for Indian men’s. So, you do not need to think much while carrying this may look best and stand out in a crowd if carried this in a correct way.

Kurta pajama

modern style kurta pajama for men-mtstyles4menyes, you read it right! kurta pajama is a very classy ethnic outfit for men, which you cannot go wrong with. kurta pajama is most famous Indian wear, you can wear at any age and at any occasion. kurta pajama, if carried in a correct way may look best on you. As I told, you can wear it on any occasion, but where you stand out from the crowd is, the type of kurta you wear. you can go with kalamkari kurta, bandhani kurta, pathani kurta or any other, depending on the occasion.

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men stole for sherwani-mtstyles4menyes, this is not only for women’s, but also works wonder on men’s. It makes kurta and sherwani look even better but you have to wear it in a right way. You can wear it over your neck or toss it over your shoulder.












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