How to dress better for Men? | Best fashion tips for men

by Mohit Tuteja

One idea that I want to share is that, as a guy, for your own long-term happiness, you need to be confident, and do you guys know the big part of being confident is being able to dress well. Yes, you read it right! especially, most of the Indian guys don’t know much about fashion. But it is actually few simple steps to follow. So, let’s go with few tips which may help you to learn how to dress better…the first important fashion tip for men is-

Color combination and Clothing combination

As a guy, the number one fashion rule in your life has to be, to learn about the combination. For men's dress-mtstyles4menexampleblue denim and a black t-shirt is one of the most classy combinations, that you cannot go wrong with. Also, it is not very much expensive. The one thing you can do to educate yourself about clothing combinations, is to read such articles and blogs about men’s dressing style Another way to figure out color combination is to google, that is how I taught myself about clothing combinations. You guys just need to understand the colors which compliment each other and looks great when wearing in a combination. Also the more you experiment, the more you research, the more good results you will get. just like fitness, the dressing is one of those things that you work on by educating yourself constantly. Also I can’t talk much about men’s fashion without talking about shoes which is my another important tip regarding men’s fashion.


best shoes for men-mtstyles4menThis is one of the biggest problems, especially, in Indian guys while styling themselves. You guys need to understand that it completes your whole outfit. They think, they wore a good t-shirt and good pants and they don’t bother much about shoes or the kind of shoes they are combining with that attire. What you need to know is that your outfit is incomplete without nice shoes. Also, one of the mistakes that most guys do is that they go with bulky shoes or sports shoes with every single outfit. In my opinion, you can’t go with sports shoes for weddings and parties. If you are new to this world of fashion and want to look classy, just go with flat shoes or loafers, they are even not too expensive. You can buy these in the range of 500 to 1000 or you can opt many other brands if you have a budget of more than that. All you need to know is shoes completely change the look of your outfit. For example- if you pair the black t-shirt and blue jeans with black sneakers, it gives you casual look but if you pair the same outfit with manly boots, it gives you tough manly look. Another important tip is to experiment with different kind of pants.

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A lot of guys are happy with just a pair of jeans but what you need to understand is that you can change your overall look or your overall feel by wearing a different kind of pants. In my opinion, you can start of by experimenting with chinos. best pants for men-mtstyles4menAs I discussed above black t-shirt and blue denim, which is a dark combination overall, if you replace that blue denim with grey chinos, it lightens ups the whole mood. Also, it can be a great party outfit. for me, if I have money to invest in pants after I have bought jeans, my number one preference is always chinos. The chinos come in many colors like grey, brown, red, green and many others. But in my opinion, grey and black chinos are most classy and suited with all. These are the neutral colors, which you can pair up with almost any other color. Another tip to discuss is accessories.



best watches for men-mtstyles4menAccessories for most of the guys include wristbands, bracelets and other things. But what I feel, the classic dressing is all about keeping it classy. You can combine your outfit with a nice looking classy watch.and of course just like shoes, it completes the entire look of your outfit. Watches can be formal or casual, and you can wear it according to your outfit. The last but not the least is your own mentality of dressing.


best winter look-mtstyles4men

Most of the guys, including me, start dressing better in college or after college. Of course, it is the phase when you learn most about fashion and styling. Also, you get little nervous while experimenting or styling yourself for college and parties, due to the fear of being bullied, if your experiment fails. This is the reason why many boys don’t experiment with their look and fashion sense, and they just go with the same kind of clothes at every occasion, which should not be done. All you need to understand, that a well-dressed guy is, who keeps on changing his outfit, wear a shirt sometimes, polo t-shirt sometimes,v-neck t-shirt sometimes and many other but most importantly carries of all this with confidence. And you gained this confidence by experimenting, going out and seeing what makes you look good and also figuring out what not suited that much to your body. So, these are the simple tips you can follow to style yourself better and sexy!

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