Basic grooming tips every man should know

by Mohit Tuteja

Today I am going to give you some tips on how to groom yourself.¬†Most of the men’s usually deal with the problems like acne, oily skin, scruffy hair and many more. So, today I am going to give you five¬†basic¬†grooming tips for men. You need to understand, that grooming does not involve fancy products, fancy techniques only. But all you need to remember everyday things in order to look good, but more importantly, in order to look clean and tidy. Most of the guys usually think, looking handsome is just about your looks, what actually you are born with. But NO, that’s not true! Looking handsome is how neat and tidy you look always. So, let’s get started with the first tip which is-


best haircut for men-mtstyles4menHaircuts affect your face structures, but more importantly, they affect how scruffy you look. Remember, it’s not always a great idea to grow up your hair unless you have silky smooth hair.but if you want to look clean and classy at the same time, you can opt one golden hair cut which is slightly longer from the top and slightly short from sides. All in all, you need to figure out the haircut that suits your face cut and your personality perfectly. But remember one thing, at the end you just need to look clean and tidy. The second most important tip is about your facial hair.

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Facial hair

facial hair tips for men-mtstyles4menFor getting your facial hair game correct, which is something that most guys do wrong especially. In my opinion, there are only three ways you can opt to take care of it. Either you grow your beard entirely and then take care of it. Secondly, you can choose to stylize your beard. I recommend you guys, not to go with only mustaches on your face because 2018 is not the time of mustaches. Having mustaches without a beard is very historic in my opinion. And the safer way of doing things, the golden way, is going clean shaved, which is another best way to look clean and tidy. The third important tip is basic face cleanliness.

Basic face cleanliness

how to wash your face-mtstyles4menTo get rid of all that oil and tiredness on your face, your first weapon should be a basic face wash. So, just rub it between your hands and proceed to spread it all over your face and all over your neck. The basic purpose of doing this is that a basic mild face wash just helps in getting rid of all the oil and provides freshness to your face. If oil accumulates on your skin, that will increase the total amount of pimples you will get.If you are young guy or in your early 20’s, especially someone who goes to the gym, you are more prone to the acne. By just washing your face twice a day, in a morning and an hour before going to the bed can do a huge deal for preventing and minimizing your acne. But what if you want to go for an important office meeting or party. you want to take this neatness level even further. That is what tip number 4 all about.

Bonus skin care routine

how to take care of your skin-mtstyles4menThe first most important thing to keep remembering is that, don’t use too much of moisturizer every day, if you have oily skin. In the end, just like fitness and fashion, you need to figure out your skin type and what suits you the most. You can opt for moisturizers and other face products. But do not forget, that applying too many things on your face can actually damage your skin so use them occasionally, once or twice a month. The last tip is all about your hands and feet.

Hands and feet

how to take care of your hands and feet-mtstyles4menAlways keep your hands and feet clean. You guys really don’t need to concentrate much on your feet because whenever you go for a party or any other occasion, you are not really exposing your feet.but your hand, on the other hand, are always exposed. So, what you need to do is very simple. Just keep your nails short, remove the dirt from it and make sure your hands are always clean as it is the important part of grooming.


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