Best summer outfits for men to try out

by Mohit Tuteja

Today, I am going to tell you do’s and don’ts for dressing well this summer. Basically, I am gonna discuss best summer outfits for men. Summer dressing, about being practical and budget friendly. But it is also about standing out of the crowd. What I saw among most guys, especially Indian guys, they don’t really care what they wear, which should not be done! If you want to look attractive, you guys really need to start experimenting with your looks and that is how you learn fashion. And to learn fashion in a more easier way, you can read: How to dress better for men’s?

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So, to know how to get well dressed this summer, keep few rules in your mind. Firstly, let’s talk about shoes. As I have always said, shoes are the most important part of your outfit. And, what I saw in most guys, they just go with singlshirt and jeans- mtstyles4mene pair/type of shoes with every single outfit. Guys, shoes are something you really need to invest in order to look good. So, if you want your outfit to say something about your personality, choose your shoes carefully. Don’t go with sports shoes this summer with your casual outfits. Because In my opinion, they only look good in the gym and sports field. You can go with sneakers, loafers or flip-flops. Loafers and flip flops are my personal favorite in summers, as they are the most comfortable piece of footwear to wear in summer season. But remember, select them carefully, according to your whole outfit. Also, you can learn about 4 types of shoes every guy should own this summer here. The next tip is all about jeans/pants/shorts.


Also, many guys just go with the single type of jeans or pants. Guys, to look really classy, you need to change your bottom style. try chinos and shorts this summer. And yes, of course! jeans. we guys really can’t live without wearing jeans. And there is nothing bad in that as jeans are the most comfortable piece of bottom wear in all seasons. On the other hand, chinos and shorts are also not an expensive option to try out this summer. It’s just that most of the guys don’t know much about it or they really don’t bother about what they wear, But one fashion tip I am gonna give it to you now is, DO NOT WEAR too loose or too tight jeans. It really doesn’t look good and spoils the overall look of your outfit. Another tip is about top-wear.


casual outfit for men- mtstyles4men

Again, don’t wear only one kind of top-wear. Men too have so many options to wear in the summer, like ladies. So, why to wear only one kind of top wear, and look monotonous. What I have noticed in many guys, they only wear shirts, no matter winter, summer or fall. Guys, you just need to have variations in your look, in order to look good and to make a style statement. One thing I always keep telling through my blogs and articles is that Fashion is not about copying someone. You guys really need to develop your own sense of style and your own sense of fashion, according to your personality. But try to keep experimenting, don’t get fear of failures, just keep learning. In my opinion, every guy should have a collection of trendiest t-shirts. guys, t-shirts always look cool, especially in summer. The only thing you need to take care of it is to learn what type of t-shirt looks good on you and what not. To know different types of t-shirt, you can read-  Amazing t-shirts every guy should have in his wardrobe collection. Guys, summer outfits should be really light and cool! Remember, A lot of how you dress, how people perceive your dressing, how people perceive your sense of fashion, is how well you are able to pull it off. You don’t need to wear branded clothes to look good! A simple plain light colored t-shirt with a great pair of jeans/chinos/shorts also make you look badass this summer. So this summer don’t hesitate to try different outfits like shorts, chinos with different kind of t-shirts other than your regular piece of bottom wear, like jeans with those check/plain shirts. Also try t-shirts and shirts of different colors like sky blue, orange or your any other favorite one. Just wear what you like this summer or according to your choice. But try to keep variations, in order to make a style statement.

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