7 Most amazing watches that men love

by Mohit Tuteja

Watches doesn’t tell you just the time.It describes your personality.Having a good wristwatch boosts your confidence.In my opinion, it is one of the best accessories a man can own. But one advice I really want to give you is that, do not go with cheap watches.Watches are something you really need to invest in to make your style should go for some really s good brand watches to showcase your style.but most importantly, you need to find out what fits you the most and looks best on, here I am giving 7 best watches that every guy should have own.

 Casio youth combination (AEQ-110w-2AVDF(AD208))

casio watch for men-mtstyles4menThis watch has the most cooler look, which every guy wants to wear with casual outfits.having both analog and digital display gives you a sportier can just pair up them with any casual attire to look cool and to really stand out in a crowd.

Titan octane analog men’s watch (NE9322slo3A)

titan octane watch for men-mtstyles4menIt is one of the classiest watches one can buy.It has a clean silver dial on it, which looks really nice.The brown straps are really cool and make a nice color combination with that silver display.

Fossil FS4656 wrist watch

fossil watch for men-mtstyles4menThis brown colored watch is the nicest and coolest looking watch that I came across while researching about the best watches for men.It is one of the trendiest analog watches, you should really add in your wristwatch collection.The classy brown leather increases its beauty level to more.This watch is made up of fine quality mineral material.It has a feature of water resistance and you can use it even under water.The watch comes in a beautiful case, made up of stainless steel.

Fossil CH29261 Brigg’s wrist watch

fossil brigg's wrist watch for men-mtstyles4menThis watch is best suited with a three-piece suit, which I am recommending to you guys.The black and steel color display just go with any kind of professional or party can even enjoy swimming with this watch on, because of its excellent water resistivity.This watch comes in a case made up of stainless steel.

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Fossil Decker Chronograph

fossil decker chronograph watch for men-mtstyles4menFrom outer box to everything about this watch is designed with utmost care and technology.This watch has excellent water yourself lucky if you find this in stock, because of its high demand.

Casio edifice analog watch

casio edifice analog watch for men-mtstyles4menThis is an amazing product crafted with utmost beauty.This watch is perfect for all occasions.It comes with the stainless steel bracelet and water resistivity.It comes with a black dial.It has a mineral glass top.It has a 2-year warranty which makes your purchase worth it.

Titan NC9322WLO1 watch

titan watch for men-mtstyles4menThis best Titan watch is the most selling branded watch in India which rules the market.It is a round shaped mineral glass watch with leather strap and chronograph display.It too has water resistance feature which works up to a depth of 30 meters.

These 7 watches are some of the best watches for men, based on research, reviews, and ratings.



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