4 types of shoes every guy should own

by Mohit Tuteja

It’s a summertime and all guys need to attempt to keep things light and easygoing with regards to shoes.So, today I will enlighten you concerning 4 kinds of men’s shoes which are most tasteful and comfortable to wear these sweltering summer days.First of all, at whatever point you purchase any shoes, dependably keep one thing in your brain, that less expensive the shoes, sooner and effectively it gets worn out.the more costly the shoe is, the more it endures in more cases.By the way, it’s no broad rule.this is something which I am letting you know from my very own, allows simply begin with one of the best shoes


sneakers for men-mtstyles4menWhether you want to go to any party or just want to hang out with your friends, these comfortable shoes for men are trendiest to wear.sneakers are always most lovable shoes by men.These are best casual shoes for men, you can combine with any casual attire.In my opinion, these shoes are super versatile.All I meant is, you can wear these shoes with any attire, you wear casually.For example, you can wear them with t-shirt and jeans or any other pant like chinos.Also, you can combine these with pajamas and short chinos.I think these shoes are something which every guy needs in his shoe collection.


men brown boots-mtstyles4menboots for men-mtstyles4menyes, you read it right!and I don’t mean that large cowboy boots, that we see in the western, not those, that’s not suited to can wear boots with any formal as well casual attire or you can also wear such shoes in weddings and parties.remember, if you are an Indian, you need to dress according to your country.In my opinion, every guy needs these boots of black or brown color.I think brown is most classy and suited with all.but still, you can go with your own personal choice.



loafers for men-mtstyles4menThe shoes like this from a personality perspective gives a very friendly and cool vibe but more importantly, they give you very trendy and fashionable look.but keep one thing in your mind that loafers go best with loafers socks.yes, you need to buy loafer socks along with these shoes.because, if you wear loafers without loafers socks, it will spoil up your shoes from inside, because of the how much your feet are, it is a very important rule in taking care of your shoes for its long-term use.

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Flip flops

flip flops for men-mtstyles4menyes, flip flops!Do not underestimate the power of basic simple and elegant flip flops in slippers for men-mtstyles4menIndian weather.Flip flops are extremely comfortable that every guy should can wear flip-flops at home or while going to places close to your home, for example, market.these are the stylish pair of footwear for men which you can wear with a t-shirt and short chinos or pajamas.

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