4 Hair care tips every guy should know about

by Mohit Tuteja

Hair care routine is a standout amongst the most imperative things that you can do to deal with your hair, from a men’s grooming perspective.whoever you are, wherever you are in the some point of time, your hairs going to begin thinning, that is the reason, you folks need to realize, how to deal with your hair and your scalp.

Today, I am going to reveal to you that how to deal with your hair for its sound development and how to sustain them, from a wellbeing perspective.In this, how to deal with your hair day by day, how to wash it the right way, how to oil it effectively, and you should wash it on daily basis or not, I will cover all, allows simply begin with step number one which is-


oiling your hair-mtstyles4menGuys, it is very important to oil your hair at least 2-3 times a week.because oiling your hair nourishes it. heat up the oil, before applying it to your scalp.heating the oil is important because the hot oil opens up the pores of your skin on the scalp and then the oil can seep into your scalp.This oil helps in nourishing your scalp as well as your, the nourishment means, prevention from bacterial as well as fungal infection in the long term.oiling also helps in strengthen your hair, it helps your hair grow better.but, most importantly it thickens your hair for as long as, for your hairs health, just start oiling your hair at least 2-3 times a week.but remember, if you are someone with oily skin and oily hair, then you might only need to oil it once or twice a week.Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t over oil it.Oiling your hair too much, also makes you prone to all you need to figure out is your hair type and your skin, the question that arises is, how to oil your, the rule of oiling is-heat the oil little bit, let it cool down, make sure it is warm and then start applying it on your hair.To get the best results, oil your hair and let it stay in your head overnight, at least 10-12 hours.let your hair, as well as your scalp, absorb all the oil.Now, after oiling your hair here we come to the next step.

Hair Wash

how to wash your hair-mtstyles4menIn this, I am going to cover all the basics you need for your hair wash.In short, I am going to tell you, how to wash hair properly. if you are living in a hot climate, or you have too much oily scalp, then you are more prone to dandruff problems.That is why the number one priority of your hair care routine is to decide correct shampoo for washing your can go with some anti-dandruff shampoo if you face problems like I mentioned above.I recommend you, head & shoulder anti-dandruff shampoo or clinic all clear or you can use any other of your choice, according to your hair type.These are very strong shampoos so use it only once a week.guys, remember one thing, that do not overuse these anti-dandruff shampoos.because overusing actually spoils the quality of your hair.And if you are more concerned about the quality of your hair, turn towards the what ladies use.yes, you read it right.just go with the shampoos like L’Oreal Paris, Sunsilk, or any other you can choose considering your hair type.These shampoos make your hair little bit can even use these shampoos 2-3 times in a week.Also, you can use both these shampoos.use anti-dandruff shampoo on any day in a week, when you are not going out or the day you really don’t care how your hair looks.on other days, you can use the milder shampoos, every alternate day or 2-3 times a week.but, next very important is to condition your hair as well.This is also very important part of your hair care routine.because shampoos only wash your scalp and remove dirt and excess oil from can use conditioner once or twice a week.but keep one thing in your mind while buying conditioner, is that, buy the conditioner that pairs up well with your shampoo.for example-if you are using a shampoo of L’Oreal brand, then use the conditioner of the same brand as well.After washing your hair we move to the next step.

Hair serum

hair serum for men-mtstyles4menHair serum is a post-shower treatment.serum does not have too many benefits like all the factors, I discussed above.but it’s more about the looks of your, use the best hair serum as it makes your hair look thick and glossy and somehow also protects your hair from excess humidity and dirt.Now, last but not the least is to comb your hair or how to comb hair.


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how to comb your hair-mtstyles4menComb does not only manage your hair but it also helps in massaging your,you guys really need to learn that how to comb your hair?while combing your hair make sure that comb makes contact with your scalp, which also helps in increasing blood circulation towards your scalp.but if you have too much rough hair and the comb doesn’t really help you much then just shape it up with your hands.sometimes your hands do just wonder with your hair and makes it look as you want.



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