10 Best deodorants for men in India

by Mohit Tuteja

Deodorants are very important, from male grooming perspective. Every time you saw many ads of deodorants on TV and magazines and got confused what to buy, and what not to. so, In this list, you’ll find 10 best deodorants for men with given features so that you can choose according to your, the number one deodorant on the list is-

Fogg fresh fougère fragrance body spray (black series for men),120 ml

250 rs/-

fogg deo for men-mtstyles4menThis is extraordinary compared to other deodorants which guarantee up to 800 sprays.It furnishes you freshness with long-lasting fragrance.the aroma of fougère which implies fem(in French), based on a base of lavender, coumarin, and oakmoss which is acclaimed for its herbaceous and woody scent.The Fogg mark is claimed by the organization named Vini cosmetics private limited and manufactured by them.

Nivea fresh active deodorant,150 ml

199 rs/-

Nivea fresh active deodorant has enduring aroma for up to 48 hours.It contains sea extricates which keep nivea fresh active deodorant for men-mtstyles4menyou feeling new throughout the day long.The citrus rugged aroma has a mitigating scent like no other.This antiperspirant for men has new manly fragrance.It gives you crisp feeling and is dermatologically endorsed.


Axe dark temptation deodorant,150 ml

195 rs/-

axe deo for men-mtstyles4menIt has chocolate fragrance and keeps you feeling fresh and clean.Its long lasting smell makes you feel good all day long and gives you all day protection from sweat and keeps body odor away, its chocolate fragrance is impossible to can use this deodorant daily as it is completely safe for your skin.

Engage M1 deodorant spray for men,150 ml

187 rs/-

This deodorant is uncommonly intended for manly taste and has lavender implanted fragrance.It is additionally M1 engage deo-mtstyles4menpopular for its long-lasting fragrance.and the quality and substance is affirmed by universal experts.It has no added water and it’s manly lavender scent influences you to have a craving for strolling down Paris.


Cinthol,120 ml

166 rs/-

cinthol deo for men-mtstyles4menIt is one of the extraordinary deodorant splashes for men invigorating with manly fragrance.It likewise has antibacterial gel which shields you from 99.9%’s durable scent influences you to feel crisp and healthy.It is sans liquor(alcohol-free) and totally ok for skin.cinthol was India’s first deodorant and is extremely popular among men and ladies.

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Park Avenue signature voyage deodorant for men,130 ml

240 rs/-

park avenue deo for men-mtstyles4menIt is a standout amongst the most men’s most loved deodorant and is without liquor, here alcohol and safe for your skin.Its musky pith is long lasting.It is mixed with a cooling impact and is best for summers.Its inconspicuous sweet-smelling scent enables you to remain crisp and sweat free.

Yardley Arthur body spray,150 ml

199 rs/-

yardley body spray for men-mtstyles4menIts citrus aroma of fortifying grapefruit and rosemary prompts a heart of new marine accords mixed with decent botanical which is upheld by a base of cedarwood and sandalwood.This deodorant with woody base notes is ideal for any men.It additionally gives you enduring scent.It is one of the coolest body sprays for men.

Old spice deodorant spray,150 ml

199 rs/-

old spice deo for men-mtstyles4menThis deodorant suits all skin types and its aroma of old zest which is a particular odor remain throughout the day.It is again extraordinary compared to other noticing body sprays for men.Its durable scent is ok for your skin, and its masculine fragrance influences you to feel crisp, spotless and certain.

Nivea fresh active roll on,150 ml

165 rs/-

nivea fresh active roll on deo for men-mtstyles4men

This deodorant contains ocean extract which helps you to keep feeling fresh all day long.It has long lasting effective regulation of perspiration and fresh feeling.It has skin compatibility and is dermatologically approved.

Kamasutra KS Deo for men,150 ml

225 rs/-

It is a standout amongst the best deodorants against personal stench likewise its fiery, sizzling and manly scent kamasutra ks deo for men-mtstyles4meninfluences you to feel new and nice.This is a standout amongst the most offering and best body spray for men.It has the hot alluring aroma with zero gas.




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